Why Murayya Paniculata Are Evergreen Plants?

Murraya paniculata is a plant which is commonly found in South Asia, Asia and Australia. These ideal murraya paniculata have a common name orange Jasmine. This plant has small, white flowers with a pleasant scent. These plants are very attractive because they grow in the form of bunches. They look like a beautiful flower basket. Some of the plants bear beautiful small citrus fruits like oranges. People who don’t like these citrus fruits don’t cultivate them. They just let them grow white beautiful small flowers.

Qualities of this plant:

• These plants are slowly grown plants.

• They are in the form of shrubs.

• They can live longer than a common plant.

• Beautiful small flowers have an attractive look

• The flower which grows in the form of bunches stays longer with the plant than any other flower.

• The smell of these plants is more attractive than its look.

• These plants are cheap in rates.

• Some people use these flower for making their tea more pleasant due to the scent of the flowers.

• People use their leave to give flavour to different curries.

• This plant produces flowers throughout the year.

• These are very small sized plants. Their wood can be used in making of some tools.Medical uses:These plants are used for beauty and good looks but in some areas, these plants are also used for medical purpose.

• People in India cultivate these plants for different medicines.

• Some essential oils can be filtered from these plants.

• Some of the medical factors can be isolated from its flowers.

• The stem and the bark of this plant may be used in the cure of diarrhoea.

• The flowers of these plants can be used in some of cosmetics.

These plants are easy to grow with so many benefits. Anyone can grow these plants because they don’t need extra care and time. They produce beauty and benefits at very cheap rates.

Here, we cultivate these plants in very good quality and at very cheap rates. This is an evergreen plant with the dark green colour of leaves. These dark green leaves make it more beautiful. With the dark background, the cream yellowish colour flowers look dramatically beautiful. They can grow in different sizes. The range of their size may vary from 3m to 6m. they can be grown in every type of climate but they grow perfect in hot climates.

Care while planting Murraya:

Taking care of these plants is not difficult with small steps and precaution people can make these plants more attractive and beautiful.

• Don’t overwater these plants during winters.

• Don’t hang or tie these plants with any other long stick to make it stand. They are shrub plants they will grow in the form of the bunch.

• Use fertilizers of a good company which can fertilize at a slow rate.

• They can grow faster if it gets perfect climate.