Use Of Towel Hooks Australia And Towel Rails Australia As Stand

towel rails australia

Bathroom is among the most utilized and highly busy area of any residential or commercial construction property. Therefore, based on the high frequent occupancy of this bathing and washing space, overall development, construction, interior set-up and accessories fittings should be arranged. Technically and functionally advanced appliances and bathroom products are always important for bathroom; however, small structural features are essential to be recognized. These are towel hooks Australia and towel rails in Australia which are mainly used as towel stand for aid the process of wet towel drying. The main purpose to serve is the same in rails and hooks but the usual design in the structural appearance of these tools differ from each other. Both of them can be fitted on standard criteria or can be customized to make the look of stand unique. These can be from brands that construct towel hooks, knobs and rails from different materials and of different structural parameters. It is important to note that the material selected for towel rails and handles should be rust free and must not be affected by debris and excessive moisture.

Towel hooks Australia

Hooks are knob-shaped or even ring-structured that can easily allow the towel to withstand over it for long time. Towel hooks Australia make the bathroom look more organized without the placement of wet towels here and there. If the bathroom is simple in design and do not encompasses much sparkling addition, then hooks for towel placement will look much better.  Towel hooks Australia usually fit in small space, making the surrounding look extra spacious.

Towel hooks Australia commonly favors one towel at a time, otherwise it will create a clump-like look. On the contrary, more towels crumbled over a single hook allow moisture and debris to accumulate, thus, allowing bacterial and mold growth. These hooks are fitted on a specific height to make the access towards towel easy

Towel rails Australia

Straight metallic bars are in use as towel stands for years. Most of the residential constructions with minimal spaced bathroom are supplied with towel rails Australia in the walls near the bathing space. There are times when more than one towel rails Australia are fitted in the bathroom, one near the wash basin to accommodate small towel cloth. However, the second is a larger bar rail for placing towel and sometimes even bathing robes.

Towel rails Australia are usually of two types either straight in structure or curved protruding ones. Mild steel rails as towel stand is mostly recommended by interior decorators as they usually suits and go well with every type of bathroom setting. Color variations in towel rails like black, white, silver and even chrome plated ones are available.


Towel hooks Australia and towel rails Australia are two different structural and functional versions of towel stands. Both serve the same purpose of towel placement feature, however, mainly differs in appearance and space utilization. For more information please contact: